#Thorecoin Security Token July 2019

Thorecoin #Waves Security token #STO

  • Prepare Yourself! The Security Token Tsunami Is About To Hit 2019-2020.
  • In a Mission to Bring Liquidity to the Best Investment Opportunities.
  • #CryptoPortfolio
  • # Global equities as tokens in THR basket like AAPL Tesla Intel Netflix ALibaba.
  • European stocks Crude as tokens In the 2nd quarter 2019, THR will launch its Hybrid crypto investment Basket. These portfolios are designed to achieve an optimal ratio of return and risk. Derivatives are also included.
  • https://cryptovalley.swiss/member-coins/

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Security Token Offering Features

Asset backed EU compliant tokens
Connect with retail investors, funds and angel investors
Pay dividends to token holders